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Upcoming Agriculture Events in Africa on 2016

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FoodWorld Media has announced the following events that target the agriculture and agribusiness industry in Africa


1. African Agro-Tech Summit Conference & Expo – August 31-September 2 – Nairobi, Kenya

The African Agro-Tech Summit Conference & Expo is a premium event that brings together policy makers, farmers, suppliers and distributors, agro-processors and other stakeholders from Africa to craft the way forward for Africa’s farming and value addition industry.

This high-level event is expected to bring in delegates and speakers from across the continent and beyond to discuss productivity, regulations and policy, sustainability, market access and other critical aspects of agriculture and agribusiness. More info can be found HERE

2. Nairobi Agro-Tech Farmers’ Expo – March 18-19, 2016 – Nairobi, Kenya

The Nairobi Agro-Tech Farmers’ Expo is a two-day farmers’ trade fair that aims to bring farming to the city – literally.

This trade fair, slated just before the for the start of the main planting season in Kenya and the region, seeks to bring innovation and technology to the urban farmer and those farmers who reside in the counties near Nairobi, and into the region.

Nairobi is the hub for farmers from across Kenya and Eastern and Central Africa. With its concentration of farmers, but who could be farming in other parts of Kenya and the region, this event makes it possible for this important group of farmers to access a high quality trade fair where they can learn, trade and network.

The event will also be a good opportunity for those with interest or investment in agro-processing in the region to access processing, storage and handling equipment. More info can be found HERE

3. Central Kenya Agro-Tech Farmers’ Expo – October 6-7, 2016 – Thika, Kenya

The Central Kenya Agro-Tech Farmers’ Expo is targeted at the Central Kenya region, the nation’s biggest producer of horticulture, coffee and tea, milk, potatoes and other produce.

During the 2016 expo, the second edition of this key regional event, farmers from Central Kenya farmer and adjacent counties will meet suppliers of agrochemicals and inputs, equipment and services in one location before the start of the second season planting starts.


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