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Expert international advisors in agriculture business

Agrolution is a vehicle that channels more than 30 years of international experience in agribusiness towards stakeholders in the fresh produce business, meeting the growing demands of today’s and future society.

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A multidisciplinar team of experts from different spheres (business, academia, engineering, consultancy) gather to respond to all needs demanded.



Three decades of work in every step of the value chain of the fresh produce business is a guarantee of solvency when attending any new project challenge.



From its origin, Agrolution has delivered its services across more than twenty countries in five continents. The understanding and knowledge of the different scenarios of agribusiness in this world are a guarantee of an up to date, customised response.

What Can We Do for You ?

Solutions for farmers, companies and agriculture investors.

From A to Z, no matter how simple or complex your needs and goals are, Agrolution analyses, select and aggregates all the components needed in a customised solution for you.

If you are a….,   Agrolution can…


Individual, Family, Small-Medium Size

Fresh Produce Company

Grower, Packer, Processor, Cooperative

AGROLUTION Packing House Fresh Food Value Addition

Institutions or Corporate

Investment Funds, M&A,VC, NGO, University

… Help you consolidate and shift your growth by providing the best suitable advice and affordable equipment.

Looking to improve your yields?

Interested in Greenhouse farming?

Considering the adoption of Hydroponics?

How to produce more with lower costs?

Thinking on Organic farming?

Asses your status, disclose your potential, design your future and drive you through modernization and profitability.

Need to expand your business?

Need to extend your production calendar?

Need to improve your margins?

Need to modernise your facilities?

Need to optimise your procedures?

Need to add value to your products?

Considering export?

… Become your specialized “all in one” agribusiness ally to ensure the right knowledge and connections.

Looking for investing in the food industry?

Looking for technical or institutional partners?

Looking for expertise and advise in the industry?  

Considering impact investment?

Interested in Public-Private Partnership?

Committed to a Sustainable World

Agrolution is a UN registered company. Agrolution is a proud supporter of UN Global Compact.

Service Portfolio

Greenhouses, irrigation, hydroponics, know-how and investment in agriculture.

From the supply of a single piece of equipment to the design and execution of a turn-key project, or the inclusion of investors on a new business development, Agrolution provides customised, integrated solutions.

All in One” is a distinctive advantage of Agrolution as a solutions provider.


Modern, reliable and affordable technologies to achieve the best performance of any production facility and only from trustable manufacturers.

Agrolution Greenhouse
AGROLUTION NFT Hydroponic Lettuce


Irrigation Systems

Hydroponics (NFT, Substrate)

Food Processing

Water Management

Intensive Fruit Tree Farms

Medical Cannabis Facilities

Vertical Farming


Hydroponic Fodder

Automated Farming


Know how and experience essentials to secure a successful investment.

Feasibility Studies

Training & Advisory


Business Planning

Market Development

Project Design

Project Management

Management Outsourcing

Strategic Alliances

Multilateral Aid Programs

M&A / Investment Opportunities

Public-Private Cooperation

See below some of our Works Done:

Want to Partner with us ?

Agrolution is constantly seeking to build valuable relationships with companies and professionals aiming to bridge needs and solutions in the fresh produce business worldwide, with special attention to developing countries.

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